Calibra Tree Surgeons Ltd

Tree Surgeon of choice in Thames Valley

Calibra was founded on 4th September 1998 originally as a partnership. Jon and I both worked for another company and had discussed for some time that we should give it a go for ourselves.

The autumn had proved to be a good season for us to start, but as January hit times were hard, some weeks we didn't receive any wages, outgoings such as insurance, advertising and fuel drained us. We knew we had to deal with these obstacles it made us drive harder to our goals, it was brilliant, we had the time of our lives, we worked hard and played hard too, mistakes were made, this just increased our knowledge and experience.

In 2000 Jon Decided to move on to other things, so then there was one.

If the company were to expand and move on I had to employ people, this was an interesting and exhausting task, I took it on myself to take on young people and train them, then send them to college using the training to achieve the qualifications required to work in this field.

As the business moved on I expanded the company and had another base in Camberley, Surrey. This ran successfully for two years and I decided to sell on to concentrate on the Bracknell branch.

I now have a small permanent workforce and a healthy directory of workers for large contracts, with a fleet of machinery and vehicles to enhance the professionalism of our work.

I like to think that I, and the people who work for me, can offer our customers and potential customers help and advice in a friendly and considerate manner. Our quotes are free and there is no obligation to accept them, advice is free so please ask as many questions you like either face-to-face or via-email.